Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Outfit Inventory

Several months back when I thought about my mission I was super excited to get adorable outfits --> professional yet fashionable & colorful.
Then I got called to one of the hottest locations in South America which includes a lot of sand and dust -- as well as an extremely poor area.
I knew that nice jewelry and expensive outfits definitely wouldn't be the best choice for Piura, so while shopping I focused on lightweight, comfortable, & easy to mix-n-match.
This turned out to be a struggle, especially finding modest-length skirts (shocker, I know).  
Long story short, I stalked a million blogs to see what other sister missionaries were wearing in South America, and ultimately I had success shopping!
So I thought that I'd share my outfit inventory :) 

note: this is 10 combinations but each top can go with 2+ other skirts

Dress: Fred Meyer's believe it or not! It was a high-low dress so I had the back hemmed to match the front.

Tops: Maurice's, Downeast, MikaRose, Ann Taylor Loft, Kohl's, REI, & Bohme.

Skirts: the patterned one and the white one are from DownEast; the other 7 were made by Sue Quackenbush! If you live in the Medford Oregon stake, CALL HER. She is a miracle worker. I just picked out the fabric at Joann's and then she created the perfect length and fit, complete with an adjustable waistband. And she did it all for free! She does all missionary clothes free of charge. I love that woman! 

Shoes: Cobb Hill brand. (I got them at a store called Johnson's Shoes in the mall) I have 3 other pairs not pictured that are Keens brand, Clarks, & another Cobb Hill. I focused on comfort and durability since I will be walking several miles a day on dirty streets.

And this is the proselyting bag I got from the Sister Missionary Mall in Orem, UT -- Mountainsmith brand. It was recommended to me by several people and I love it already! 

Obviously, I haven't been to Piura yet or on a mission in general, but I'm crossing my fingers that my clothing/accessory choices work out! 

Ultimately I've tried to remember that my spiritual preparation is so much more important than my packing list. Once I get to Perú (in 5 days!), I will be 100% focused on my calling, which is inviting others to come unto Christ. I can't wait! 

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