Monday, September 7, 2015

Ignacio Merino week 8 (two weeks late)

Sorry fans, I missed posting this one.  So you should mentally insert this prior to my last post.

-Kevin (Dad)

Hey hey hey familia y amigos!

So this week was kinda tough. Mitchael had a baptismal date for this Saturday, the 29th, but then he got super sick this past weekend and couldn´t make it to church! Darn adversary, haha. So we will have to move his date to next Saturday. Nonetheless, we are super excited for him and hopefully he´s well enough for us to visit him pronto. He is also super busy doing a Master´s theory, but we´re persevering through these setbacks to help him progress! 
Also Gerardo was out of town all week and we tried and failed mutiple times to find/set an appt with Aldo, one of our other investigators who is SO PILAS, just not married (his pareja is less active. I love their family. Just have to get married). We weren´t able to teach La Familia Escudero because they had a crazy week but we did stop by to help Lucia with organizing the new house and she said she feels different every time we visit! Cough, cough, the SPIRIT :) Anyways, all these struggles plus walking what felt like 72 miles and freakin ampoyas (blisters), made for some frustration BUT we found some awesome, awesome new investigators through tocando puertas. 

I´ll share a bit about one of the families: Avanell y Celia. Avanell is grandma age and her husband died not too long ago. She has 3 daughters. One lives in Chiclayo, one works and supports all of them while Avanell takes care of her 2daughters all day every day. Her other daughter Celia who we taught is married with one daughter who was born with several health problems, including a hernia. Her husband lives and works in the US and visits every 6 months and they´re in the process of getting their whole family over there. Anyways, Avanell and Celia are so humble and wept as they opened up to us about their struggles financially to make ends meet and care for the 3 little girls.  We are excited to continue teaching them and hopefully do some service for them as well! 

Just in general the people here are so so very loving. It continually amazes me how fast strangers become our friends here! They barely know anything about us but they let us into their homes and give us refresco to cool off from the heat and half an hour later when we leave we feel so much love for them. I´m so grateful for the people we´ve met and taught tocando puertas that we would´ve never met otherwise! 

Our district is the largest in the mission! 11 of us. Mini zona! All of them are beyond pilas. We have the assistants and then 5 more Elders, all of which work in the office. They only proselyte 4 hours a day and the rest of the time they have assignments as secretaries of health, distribution, finance, etc. They are all hilarious and we have so much fun! I´ve been assigned as the english teacher. For 20=30 mins at the end of district mtg we have an english class. It´s guaranteed one of the funniest parts of the week, haha. I love our district! 

Random notes..

So ya know how people in the US water their grass? Welp, people here water their sand, haha. It kind of cracks me up every time I see someone out there with their hose. I´m pretty sure the purpose is to reduce the amount of dust that gets in their house.
So there´s this dude that is always sitting on the street corner where we live and I was super confused for like 6 weeks of why he was always there and always wearing the same hat and then I asked Hna O and she said that´s the guard for our street. Haha. So yeah, we have a guard.
Also sorry I never have pics with members or people, I´m kind of nervous carrying my camera out for the day. It seems like everyone here has a robbery story. We never really feel unsafe but that would be the worst to lose my camera.
Also you guys should google El Niño for me. Apparently it´s a current that is due to come this summer to northern Peru? Everyone talks about it and some people are literally preparing their houses for it. From what I´ve heard, it´s like 4 months of straight rain and the entire Ignacio Merino floods up to the 2nd floor of all the buildings. Don´t know if I entirely believe it, haha. 
PDAY WAS EPIC. We woke up at 5 to take a bus to Tambo Grande and then a truck to this river. We hung out and had to jump across some sketch spots as we were traversing around the river/waterfall but super fun and no injuries! 

I have a quote and spiritual thought but once again, no time! I´ll share it next week. 

Love you all! 

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