Monday, October 19, 2015

Ignacio Merino week 16

WOW it is hard to believe that I´ve been here for a whole 16 weeks! But I can honestly say I amloving this work. It´s still a barren desert that gets hotter every day, we still eat rice at every meal without fail, but we are busier than ever and I just love these people and helping them come unto Christ! 

I´m lacking creativity today so let´s just go through the highlight of every day this week:

Tuesday: Intercambios! With none other than....Hermana Orellana! Haha, yep she came back with me for the day and pleasantly surprised all our investigators :) Ximena was beyond stoked. Although I spent a whole 12 weeks with Hna O, I learned even more from her on Tuesday! She is way diligent, loving, and trusts in The Lord in all things. 

Wednesday: The Assistants put me in charge of a zone musical number approximately 15 minutes before we all met up to practice, haha. But it all worked out in the end! These past 2 weeks have been multi zone conferences all over the mission and apparently Hna Rasmussen wasn´t impressed with a few zone musical numbers because they didn´t prepare at all, so 2 days before our conference the assistants and the ZL´s decided to ditch our previous idea and do something totally different. We ended up doing a mini choir of 7 of us Elders and Sisters singing Come Unto Christ (in English) with Elder Cloninger on the guitar. (the guitar he bought the day before that, haha!) It actually turned out great! 

Thursday: Room Inspections with the President. We cleaned that place top to bottom but all they did was walked around seeing how many sand bags we´re going to need in preparation for the flooding during El Nino, haha. 
That day we taught Italo, the contact that came to church completely of his own accord without ever teaching him. He is GREAT. At church, he had written down all the questions that he had and we helped to answer them during the lesson. He was very receptive to the Restoration and very excited to read the Book of Mormon. His wife died 2 years ago of ovarian cancer and because of her sickness they never were able to have kids so he had a lot of questions about why we go through trials in this life. We found him (or really he found US) during ths perfect time in his life when he has soul-searching questions, and the gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer! 
Also that night Hna Glunt and I went to this tiny park to sit down and eat our packed dinner for a few minutes but there weren´t any seats, just 2 swings next to a dude on a swing talking on the phone. I wasn´t about to go sit next to him but Hna Glunt wanted to so I thought, alright sure. We started talking to him after he got off the phone and turns out he´s a MEMBER who was baptized about 8 years ago but moved (he´s 25 right now) and when he moved back he didn´t know anyone, so never came to church. We talked with him and helped him out with his questions about the Spirit, also taught him how to pray again, and we´ll start visiting him this week! All while we were sitting on some swings in a random park in Ignacio Merino. The Lord works in mysterious ways :) 

Friday: Multizone conference! It was the best. Probably the thing that stuck with me the most was Hna Rasmussen´s talk. She largely quoted Elder Bednar´s talk about the apostles and ¨when you can´t do what you´ve always done, you only do what matters most.¨
Her quote that will be my mantra this week and possibly forever is ¨Put a smile on and get to work.¨ Honestly, that´s the recipe for happiness as a missonary. 
Pres. Rasmussen talked a lot about MIRACLES which went perfectly with my ponderizing scripture this week, 2 Nephi 27: 23, 26. I KNOW that God is a God of miracles. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. But he only works according to our faith. 

Saturday: Well, Friday night I was vomiting probably more violently than I ever have in my life. And a fever Saturday morning. Not sure if it was the flu or food poisoning. But by Saturdayafternoon I was way bettter. 

Sunday: Hermana Gina (la familia Araujo) got a priesthood blessing for an ear problem she´s had and it was probably one of the most beautiful moments of this week. Hermano Sanchez testified of the power of the Priesthood and the Spirit just filled that room. I am SO grateful that the Priesthood power of God has been restored to the earth.

Welp, time´s up! I love you all and I want to hear about the spiritual experiences you´re all having! 
Hermana Parks 
 Saluting the Colombian flag.

 The water containers.  We use a lot of these.
 Intercambios with Hna O!

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