Monday, November 16, 2015

Semana 20 en Ignacio Merino. It's hot in Piura. Hnas Parks and Glunt don't seem to mind.

This week was crazy busy and crazy great. It started out with a noche de hogar con las familias Curay, Araujo, and Ana T, zone meeting wednesday, and 11 -- let me repeat -- ELEVEN lecciones con miembro (member lessons). Our ward is the greatest. We currently have more people to visit than we can fit in our schedule...which is where the gift of discernment comes in because we have to start prioritizing. We have found a ton of great JAS age investigators lately (jovenes adultos solteros aka young adults). The JAS in our ward have been great accompanying us to lessons, practically ALL of them came to the baptism to support Eduardo, and they´re planning an activity this week to invite the new investigators.

I´ll give you an example of one of our days this week -- Saturday:

We had a lesson at 9 which is normally when we have comp study but desperate times call for desperate measures... We visited a reference who had been attending a different ward. But he wasn´t there so we met his brother and uncle...but couldn´t enter the house because the only woman inside was sleeping and, well, mission rules. Which was awkward to explain to them and they didn´t really understand why we couldn´t sit inside the door even if it was open. While I was trying to explain this, I ACCIDENTALLY STEPPED ON THEIR SMALL NEWBORN PUPPY who was behind me. Terrible right? I felt so. bad. Luckily he  was alright, but that just increased the awkwardness of the situation by about 200%. So we ended up teaching them in the park across from their house. And they had SO MANY QUESTIONS that we ended up teaching for an hour and half. Cesar is 23 and was Catholic as a kid but had a ton of questions about the church. Javier is his uncle who has a band and travels ALL OVER Peru so doesn´t actually live in one place...and he´s basically Agnostic... and was super curious about what we believe and our standards, etc. 

After that we were heading to the next appt and stopped by the panaderia. Jean Carlos (literally most popular name in peru besides Juan) who sold us pan contacted us asking about who we were, about the church, etc. Practically invited himself to take the lessons. So we made an appt with him, and as we walked away I was telling Hna Glunt that sometimes I´m more stressed than excited about super great new contacts and investigators because we have SO MANY right now. We stopped by German´s taller -- like where his fixes cars -- and read the BoM with him for a bit (he´s been needing frequent visits lately since he´s struggling so we stop by every few days for about 20 mins), then taught Lita (investigator). Then as we were looking for a contact we ran into Kelly, a previous contact who immediately wanted us to come in and visit with her. She´s super duper Catholic and mostly was asking us about the US so we drank the juice she gave us super fast and shared a quick message so that we could peace out and get to lunch....which was with el obispo and his family at a restaurant since he had forgotten we were coming over. haha. 

Later that night was Eduardo and Arturo´s baptism!! It was such a great baptismal service. So much support from the ward, we had everyone there write notes to them as they were changing clothes after the ordinance, and you could tell that they were so happy afterwards! Gina will be baptized the 12th of December...she has just struggled coming to church because of her job. They are praying as a family to find a solution so that she doesn´t have to work Sundays. I feel so blessed to be a part of bringing a family into the gospel!! And I´m SO grateful for the revelation Pres. Rasmussen received to have us knock on doors because that´s how we found la familia Araujo! 

Our investigators didn´t do well this week with asistencia....but we had a less active come and were so happy!!! Reyna was quite reserved when we first met her but has changed a ton and we are thrilled every time she keeps the small commitments like reading the BoM and coming to church! 

Coffee is going to be a desafio for Italo but we are praying super hard for him! 

Anyways, things are awesome down here in Peru! Still blazing hot and we currently have an ant, spider, and mosquito problem in our room, but I still love being a missionary here in Piura :) 

Spiritual thought next week!
Hermana Parks 

A cethedral

Working in the desert

Lunch with the obispo and familia

Time for FHE

Mangos + Libros de Mormon

Eduardo y Arturo

Sunset in Piura

Con los elderes

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