Monday, January 18, 2016

Pday: Sandboarding in the 2nd largest desert in the world?

Yeah this P-day was random, haha. Our zone leaders called us this morning and invited us to their district activity and we were like what the heck! So we drove 2 hours out to Sechura and took a moto taxi out to the middle of nowhere where there is this GIANT sand dune, like seriously the equivalent of Roxyann peak except pure sand, and we went sand boarding! (with President`s permission :) It was so rad! We are sunburnt and tired but super happy we went!

This week we found blessings in all the places we weren`t looking, but nonetheless, they were blessings!

Our goal this week was to find several new, prepared investigators who are going to progress. We started aggressively knocking on doors in La Legua and Piura and we got into TONS of them, but NOTHING happened. All the people we found were content with their own religion, didn`t understand The Restoration and/or didn`t want to change, or had some kind of difficulty with work/family where they would never be able to attend church Sundays. 

FRUSTRATION. At one point I sat down on the curb a little exasperated while Hna C made a phone call and opened up my eyes fell on Alma 30:17 which is Korihor`s (the anti-Christ`s) teachings about how every man can conquer according to his own strength and genius and skill. Ouch. So we re-aligned our focus and started asking Heavenly Father how HE wanted us to find new investigators. 

And then, we experienced a serious miracle with la familia Valles! We were able to find another of Jefferson`s aunts who told us that she wants to change her lives and be a better mom....she (cynthia) and her daughter Ximena now have a baptismal date! 

But that`s not all...we came upon a woman carrying water jugs in la legua and helped her carry them to her house. She invited us in to listen to our message (along with her 47 chickens, bunnies, and puppies in a one-room house) so we sat down on upside down buckets and taught her! She and her nephew came to church on Sunday
So after a rough start to the week we ended up having 13 investigators at church, about half of which are progressing. That was definitely not us -- The Lord was physically guiding us to those we needed to talk to and the streets where we needed to go. 

Other highlights were intercambios with Hna Howell in Catacaos (she`s from Idaho and we came to the field the same day! -- even though she was in the CCM 6 weeks). She radiates with the Spirit and it was by far my favorite intercambio thus far! 
Chicha morada is definitely my favorite drink here and apparently you can only find or make it in Peru! Made from purple corn...look it up! And the sunsets this week were unreal. 

I`ve been focusing on gratitude lately and writing 3 things each night as my ¨Attitude of Gratitude¨and it has totally made me happier, more hopeful, and positive! 

That`s all for now!
Hermana Parks
Con la Hna Howell

Sandboarding with the zone

Feeling like little kids with our pulp juice - way popular here

La Legua

silly faces with Sophia!

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