Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference is better than Christmas...

....but really. My month-long countdown finally came to a close with the most golden weekend ever! You really don´t understand the value of conference until you´re a missionary. It was fantastic, and us gringos got to watch most of the sessions in English!! Woo hoo! (It just wouldn´t be the same listening to a Holland talk without his own voice...)

I LOVE watching conference from a missionary perspective - I guess it´s a perspective that´s a little less ¨selfish¨ than before the mish. We get to receive revelation not just for ourselves, but our whole area! Elder Anderson´s talk on the youth made me think of the youth we are teaching and Elder Arnold´s talk on rescuing gave me some ideas on how to get the members involved with the less-actives we´re working with. We had a cool experience last night with our recent convert, Maribel. We had a lesson on family history but I could tell the whole time that something else was on her the end she tearfully asked us what she can do to forgive someone and be able to forget what they did to her. I immediately thought of Elder Duncan´s talk from Sat. morning session, and was able to share my thoughts and give her the link to the talk. Heavenly Father knows us SO well, and I know that he inspires our leaders to share what we need to hear. I am so grateful to belong to this church! Literally I just cry every time MoTab sings....especially Praise to The Lord, the Almighty -- that was powerful. 

LA FAMILIA ROMAN CAHUAZA CAME TO CHURCH! They are the ones we found last Sunday - mom, dad, and 4 kids. On Sunday morning, everyone came minus their Dad who had to back-out last minute for something. Unfortunately I barely took notes that session because I was busy handing out 799 stickers to keep their 10, 9, and 3 year old happy. They are tyrant children...but I hope that Marcia and Celina were able to feel the Spirit....we have a noche de hogar with themtonight with la familia Rosales! Member lessons with Susana are golden -- she invited them to her home, of course knows someone that Martin works with, and offered to share some medicine she has for their daughter. I love seeing members befriend our investigators. 

Speaking of hermanamiento (seriously I am forgetting English..) Katy and her sons came to the Rosales´house last monday for a noche de hogar! It was SO GOOD. We talked about stories in the scriptures of courage and shared Pres Monson´s video Dare to Stand Alone -- it was really powerful and we hope that it helped Katy with her situation right now with opposing family members. 

Oh and emergency transfers happened this week in Talara! Hna Glunt was shipped off to Tumbes with only a few hours notice....nooooo! It was pretty sad, we were at the bus terminal at 5am to say goodbye and Hna Tinini came with us for the day until her new companion got here. Because of the transfers there are no longer sister leaders in guess who´s taking over those 2 zones? Yeah...we are now in charge of 4 zones of hermanas. We won´t be traveling up to Tumbes unless there´s a reason to because it´s so far, and hopefully things will change for the upcoming transfer because I don´t think we could logistically be in charge of 7 companionships! But we´re also grateful at the same time to serve more wonderful hermanas!

During our day as a three-some with Hna Tinini (which was kind of complicated with contacting and teaching, haha) we studied together the section Andar Haciendo Bienes in PME. (I think it would be ¨going about doing good¨in english..) and had a great conversation on the importance of service. It changed our whole attitude for the week! We tried to find un-planned opportunities to serve the people here and found 3! We cleaned Hna Selma´s house, carried buckets of sand up 3 flights of stairs for Hna Petronila (it looked easier when we offered to help, ha!), and helped this beastly elderly woman nail metal sheets together to make an outside bathroom. I felt the Spirit each time we served - knowing that Christ would be doing the same if He were beside us. 

SUCH A GOOD WEEK. Hearing that Lima is getting ANOTHER TEMPLE made this weekend even better than Christmas. I feel so blessed to be serving in this wonderful country. God loves these people so. much. and I´m striving to love them as infinitely as He does. 

Hermana Parks 
My love for Max and his little sister is unreal...they are so cute!! 

Lukas with his baby bunnies that he always loves to show us and a random street pic. Doesn´t lukas look like Ricky?? He reminds me of him at least :)

Lunches with Luisaac Rosales (returned missinoary - served in columbia) and service project with the mighty Hnas Ruiz y Parks! 

sunset and re-living our childhoods thanks to elder hanvey, haha

 Conference in English! 

Example A of the demon dogs on the roofs who freak out when we knock on doors....and a sweet family from the branch! 

 the hermanas of zona talara and a street pic with hna ruiz

chalacas tradition going strong...our shadows.....and desperate times call for desperate measures, cleaning the sand off after last pday in the plaza vea bathroom! 


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