Monday, September 19, 2016

La Piura Vida Week ... I've lost count

Francisco quotes of the week: 

¨Can you believe it? I spent 74 years in the Catholic Church before I found the truth.¨ 

(yes. SEVENTY four -- my mistake on last week´s letter)

¨So what time will my baptism be at?¨
¨Well, whatever time you´d like!¨
¨Can it be in the morning?¨
¨Um, sure, why?¨
¨I have more faith in the mornings.¨

hahaha apparently our faith is directly correlated with the purity of the air :) We love Francisco! He is a sponge. He has so many questions it´s almost impossible to keep the lesson under an hour.... especially when the member accompanying us is also an elderly man who has quite the lengthy conversion story to tell... but the Spirit is strong so we´ll take it! 

We´ve been fasting as a zone every week this transfer. My love for and understanding of the fast has definitely grown. We are seeing lots of miracles as a zone... If our October 1st baptim goes through (cute 9 year old Claudia from a part member family), just our ward of Tacalá will have baptized for 4 straight weeks. I love hearing about the miracles that are happening in the Elders´ areas ... this is truly the Lord´s work and his Hand is abundantly evident. 

I FEAR NO MAN. That was my motto this week. Has anyone ever heard of the Riccardi letter? It´s this letter about a missionary´s experiences in England with his trainer and has been used in devotionals and such ... anyways, that´s one of the things this letter talks about .. super inspirational, it talks about being bold and fearing no man. We find lots of new investigators each week and we always invite to baptism in the first lesson. Some would think ... wait what? missionaries do that? isn´t that a little rushed? Nope. I´m telling you .. the Spirit works on these people. If they understand the Restoration, they usually accept the invitation. It´s the Spirit working in them. And it´s a committment they make with God, not us. On Saturday we invited a family to be baptized on a specific date in October and despite thinking they wouldn´t accept THEY DID! We fear no man ... only God. This is His work, no doubt in my mind. 

Love you all, have a great week! 
Hermana Parks

the district! Barrio Tacalá y las hermanas de chulucanas! 


sweet Danitza´s birthday! head pushed into the cake and all. 

ward noche misional! platos típicos. here we have la causa peru flag-version. 

hermana janet and her son Wens who just got back from la misión Colombia Cali! 

and getting a free moto ride home from church with hermana ayala! 

the everydays of peru

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