Monday, October 17, 2016

Charity: picking lice out of your companion's hair

I HAVE HEAD LICE. Oh my goodness, the world finally makes sense. I had been scratching my head violently for weeks but I thought it´s because I had stopped using head & shoulders shampoo... until this morning in the shower when I found SMALL INSECTS CRAWLING ALL OVER ME. But after a phone call with Hna Rasmussen, a whole bottle of treatment shampoo and 4 hours of my angelic companion picking them out, I think everything is going to be okay. (I mean, there are still tons and tons of eggs in my scalp.... but we´ve killed the live ones at least and we´ll be on a killing spree all week with the shampoo and hermana kelley´s fingernails) AH. I just wanted to shave my head and then light my bed on fire to get rid of them. But we´re gonna take this as an opportunity to learn patience and find joy in trials :)

Our investigator Keller came to church! He´s very receptive and wants to change his life. Teaching him the Plan of Salvation was really cool this week. 

And we have this great investigator Segundo (about 60 years old) who is already in 2 Nephi and we´ve only visited him twice... he was in Caja Marca on Sunday but he really wants to come to church. That was a miracle finding him! We´re working with his wife, Lita, as well. She has more doubts but we´re praying for her!  

I had an intercambio with Hna Holbrook (2nd week in the field!) this week. She´s from West Jordan, UT. Her biggest thing so far is the language, but it was a great opportunity to help her build confidence in contacting and teaching. 

And I gave a talk in sacrament meeting on missionary work! I used both Elder  Anderson´s and Elder Oak´s talks from conference. I remember sittingi n the chapel a couple weeks ago hearing Elder Andersen´s talk and feeling the Spirit so strongly. I am SO grateful to be a part of this workforever, not just with the nametag on. I have this burning desire to serve and share and lift up and be a witness of Christ all my life -- and the mission has given me the perfect foundation to do so. 

70 weeks down, and only 7 to go. I´m trying to soak in every moment. 

Hermana Parks
the funniest part about this lice thing is that the night before we realized I had it, we both brushed our frizzy hair out to take pics... on hermana kelley´s bed.. and I brushed my hair over her sheets and pillow. So it´s just a matter of hours until hermana kelley starts scratching her scalp! haha. 

HEAD LICE. This is war. 

a casual on-the-way-to-church pic in the desert. 
we were put in charge of the youth chorus for ward conference next week! We´ve been practicing each Sunday with these youth. For having no music experience, they´re doing great! 

one of my new fav quotes. 

perro peruano.... 

and hermana kelley´s face when they told her she was teaching gospel principles on eternal marriage, haha! 

lunch this week.... quinoa with natural cheese, chicharron de pescado, with a quinoa drink, jello banana for dessert, and mandarins to go. I love it when we get quinoa instead of rice! 

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