Monday, December 14, 2015

Cambios: from Ignacio Merino to Piura Central (just next door)

Preface: As transfers were on our minds this week, I was truly expecting to go to Tumbes, Talara, or Paita. I don`t know, I just felt like I was headed to serve on the beach or in some crazy area. Either way, I was super excited to hear about it....Saturday night came and we got the call. 

Elder Nunez: Hermana Parks you`re headed to PIURA CENTRAL. 


Haha, so here we are! There`s a part of my new area where you can literally see my old area from across the`s great :) But  this was Hermana Glunt`s old area and I soon found that it is actually huge. It`s like 3 areas in one area, including city, suburb, and La Legua, which is like a like a village of cardboard houses about 15 minutes away on a bus.  STOKED. I`m thrilled to be here.

Also Heavenly Father sure knows how to humble me because I`ve been called as a sister leader! I feel pretty inadequate as I`ll be a leader over hermanas with a lot more time in the field....but I also know that this is an opportunity to rely on the Spirit and develop Christlike attributes. And I know I`m going to learn a TON from my new comp! Gringa companera round 2! Hermana Christianson is from Provo UT and WAS IN MY SAME WARD AND LIVED IN THE SAME BUILDING AT BYU, just a year before me! She is seriously the sweetest and I am pumped to work with her! She has 14 months in the field and one transfer in this area. 

SO many great things happened my last week in Ignacio Merino! 
Gina was baptized on Saturday as part of a White Christmas put on by the stake. 25 other individuals were baptized as part of a really cool program! It was so special seeing these children of God make such an important covenant with Heavenly Father.  Baptism is more than just a commandment, it is the way to follow our Savior Jesus Christ and start on our journey to receive all the blessings our Heavenly Father has in store for us. 

My heart has been so full as I reflect on la famila Araujo`s journey. Just 2 months ago we knocked on a cardboard door and met one of my favorite families on planet earth! They had their first noche de hogar this week as a family and it`s been so cool seeing the sacrifices Gina is making to keep the commandments, especially the Sabbath Day and Tithing, under her difficult circumstances. That was one of the hardest goodbyes from this weekend. I`m so excited to visit them next year!

Also had the Christmas party at the mission house which was so so fun. 

Overall, it`s CRAZY how much I learned from Ignacio Merino these past 6 months. 
When I first got there, I cried the whole week because I was homesick and felt completely alone and didn`t know anyone and couldn`t picture myself loving the area. Now it has become my homeand I am so grateful for the experiences I had and the amazing people I met. But so excited to be in a new area and continue serving the Lord as a missionary! Time is going by WAY too fast and I hate it, so I`m trying to enjoy every day! 

Hermana Parks

La familia Araujo

Navidad blanca

Hna Glunt in the middle, new companion Hna Christianson 2nd from right

ward mission leader family

Christmas party

do not get Dengue, please Christine.  Dad wishes he had not taken virology right about now.

Three amigas

We are interpreting this to mean Christine misses her dog Jimmer.  She has no control over this blog until December 2016, so this caption will prevail until then.  Jimmer certainly misses Christine's smelly ballet shoes!  They taste so good...

Leaving Hna Glunt for transfers; a sad moment but friends forever.


  1. It's so fun to hear about your mission!... I remember also feeling that it was all so wonderful and going by too fast. I believe you will still have amazing feelings about your mission the rest of your life. You'll even have days in real life/marriage/family, etc. that you will wish everyday life could be a little more like your mission! I know you'll have a great Christmas. You are in our thoughts and prayers. I thought about sending you a package... but I was afraid you would never get it. Love you Christine!