Thursday, December 31, 2015

This entire week was a Christmas miracle! Although we didn`t have a ton of ¨Christmas¨ things going on, we saw so many tender mercies and felt super blessed!

Tuesday: Leadership council and surprise, the topic was Como Fijar Metas! Inspiration is real because that was the topic of District mtg last week where Elder Beltran nearly blew our minds and then also our topic for companionship study Monday, and then what do ya know! Apparently we need to remember this. Elder Ballard says it better than I can: 
“I am so thoroughly convinced that if we don’t set goals in our life and learn how to master the techniques of living to reach our goals, we can reach a ripe old age and look back on our life only to see that we reached but a small part of our full potential. When one learns to master the principles of setting a goal, he will then be able to make a great difference in the results he attains in this life.”

Wednesday: Interviews with President where he told me that he was prompted strongly to put Hna Christianson and I together and to assign us 3 zones of hermanas instead of just our own zone. We have an important work to fulfill in our area and with the other hermanas. I left humbled and motivated to do my best this transfer! 
We had a CRAZY experience that day and it all goes back to goal setting! 
On Monday Hna Christianson and I decided that we were going to start contacting more families and adult men (Elder Godoy had made an off-hand comment about the importance of finding and teaching the heads of the families). Normally we wouldn`t contact adult men in the street because they`re the ones that cat-call at us and we`ve become hesitant to even try. But, we decided to start doing it anyway. The next day we were knocking on doors and came across a shirtless man sweeping his sidewalk (someone we wouldn`t have normally talked to). His name is Norman. We contacted him and he seemed interested so we scheduled an appt to come back the next day and visit his family. We stopped by the next day and his family wasn`t there!! Ahhh.  We were standing at the doorway and I was getting eaten ALIVE by mosquitoes but Hna Christianson kept talking to him and shared a Restoration pamphlet/explained its content briefly. We left flying and I honestly didn`t think much of it. That night at literally 9:59pm (the last possible minute we can answer our phone) we got a call. IT WAS NORMAN. 

¨Hermanas, I read the pamphlet and I was really interested in the message. Where can I get a Book of Mormon?¨ 


We were able to catch him the next day just before he left to go out of town to give him a Book of Mormon. We called him on Saturday to check in and he`s already well into 1 Nephi and praying to know if it`s true! Without EVER teaching this guy, he is already gaining his own testimony and progressing. 
There was not a single coincidence in all of that! I am confident that when we as missionaries listen to our leaders, study Preach My Gospel, and prayerfully make plans, Heavenly Father blesses us the SECOND we walk out the door to work. 

Thursday:  we saw a ton of tender mercies! a moto taxista gave us a free ride, IT RAINED (which means drizzled for 5 minutes...but hey, only second time in my mission when it`s done that!), we made PB banana sandwiches because Hna Christianson`s fam sent her PB, and learned how to make Peruvian hot chocolate for la Noche Buena con la familia Chizan!  

Friday:  Talking to the fam which was THE BEST THING EVER. I`ve had a smile on my face ever since :)  

Saturday: Zone meeting where the zone leaders gave Hna Christianson and I 45 minutes to talk about Como Fijar Metas. (I think I`m prepared to give a talk in general conf on this topic now, haha) 

Sunday: Magali Abad and her 4 kids (Angeles age 18, Angel Fabian age 11, Anderson age 8, and Jonathan age 6) came to church!! We found Magali while she was walking home in La Legua last week and helped her carry her heavy bags. Now they are totally progressing and we love them so much! 

So this week I may not have been able to walk the Christmas light streets with my fam or go skiing but I felt the spirit of Christmas which is focusing on Christ and the gospel that he has personally left us to learn about and live and share. For that reason, it was a blessed and memorable week!

Hermana Parks 
La familia Chizan Lunes

Our Christmas Tree

Christmas package!

Christmas day photos

Zone meeting

Hna Cecilia

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