Monday, August 22, 2016

Last week in my email to President I mentioned that I feel like I need a companion who´s fresh. He replied: It sounds like you and I are receiving the same prompting. I came to the conclusion independently that you should train a new missionary in Tacala. It is amazing to see how the Lord works.  

THANK YOU PRESIDENT AND REVELATION. My hijita gets here tomorrow! I am so excited. Hermana Dionicio went to TUMBES -- back where she started her mission! For now, I´m with Hna Buchanan, who is also going to train! We are seriously lucky ducks. These 2 hermanas coming are the only ones coming to our mission until like 2017. There are a lot of sisters who haven´t trained yet, so I am basically so grateful for this opportunity. 

Now I get to apply everything I´ve learned in the past 14 months -- from every area, companion, and experience, to teach my greenie. My goals are:

- Build the foundation of our companionship on Christ, feasting on the scriptures and praying meaningfully -- like Hna Orellana taught me in Ignacio.
- Have the FAITH to see miracles and enjoy and appreciate the everyday ¨Peru¨ moments (including but not limited to taking lots of pictures) -- like Hna Glunt taught me in Ignacio. 
- Be DILIGENT and exactly obedient -- consult the Lord and set high goals for our area. Come home sweating every day (oh wait, we don´t have to try to sweat ..) -- like Hna Christianson taught me in Piura Central.
- Be POSITIVE and LOVE openly -- like Hna Shumway taught me in Talara. 
- Listen to the Spirit and serve my companion -- like Hna Ruiz taught me. 
- LAUGH and teach with unity and power -- like Hna Martinez taught me in Tacalá.
- Trust in the Lord and develop CHARITY for others -- like Hna Dionicio taught me. 

And so much more... 
There will be a lot of time on my knees this week consulting the Lord in all we do -- this is why I wanted a training experience. I will rely on the Lord more than ever before. 

Anyways, update on Tacalá:
All our investigators with a bap date aren´t coming to church (except Mark) and all the people coming to church won´t accept a bap date. (??) We´re gonna be focusing on contacto diario and hermanamiento this week to try and make those 2 categories uno solo. 

So excited to get to work this week! My goal is not just to put my might and strength into this -- but my heart and mind too. Hna Dionicio and I decided that that´s the difference between great missionaries and consecrated missionaries.

Hasta la próxima!
Hermana Parks
Taking some shots in the deserted field we cross to get to the chapel. 

ward volleyball activity and cute familia viera! 


cute hna dionicio saying goodbye to ashley! 

investigators oscar and danitza invited us 6 over for dinner last night to say goodbye to hna dionicio and elder cloninger (who was in the hospital for dengue AGAIN this week, such bad luck!)

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