Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mission life week 59

Well, this week the hermanas in Chulucanas got chased by a drunk guy and the zone leaders were hospitalized for dengue ... so my week was great!! 

haha, seriously, so sad. I never thought I´d spend P-day visiting our zone leaders as a district. Elder Cloninger and Elder Ballero started with dengue symptoms on Wednesday and they´ve been in the hospital SUPER sick since friday. We´re counting our blessings over here! 

Remember when I was in the MTC and commented that I´d love having Hna Sepulveda as a comp?? Well, WISH GRANTED. This week I spent the day with her in Chulucanas! It was awesome. Their branch is going through some struggles and the missionaries are trying to regain confidence with the branch, but it was great working there with Hna Sepulveda! In every exchange, I feel a love for the area and the sisters just like for my own area and my own companion. I´m grateful to have the opportunity to learn from these exchanges -- we had one in Miraflores a week and a half ago that I forgot to write about, oops! 

OPERATION BOOK OF MORMON. One blazing hot street in La Primavera. 12 Books of Mormon. 2 determined sisters. An hour and a half. We did it! We were able to give out 12 Books of Mormon to people at the door (mostly at the door because it was in the morning and no one could receive us, except one cute old lady). Normally we´d just schedule an appt to come back if they were receptive but this time we left BoM´s with our testimonies and a part of Alma 7 marked! It was awesome. It increased our love and appreciation for the BoM and we´ve determined to be more BOLD in sharing it, especially in contacting. 

No time left, but it was a great week! Mark and Maria will be baptized on Saturday!! woo hoo!! 
This Spirit told me to do 3 things at the beginning of this week.
Pray with faith.
Love the people.
Repent often.

It was exactly what I needed! 
Hermana Parks
Winter in Piura -- aka palm trees, blue skies, and getting sunburnt. I´ve fallen in love!

Operation Book of Mormon
Can you find Hna Dionicio? haha
Exchange in Chulu on Peru´s independence day! 28 de Julio.

With Hermana Adria, a super sweet member in Chulu. 

...and then Hna Sepulveda had this genius idea to go on the roof and pour water on the hermanas when they came back to finish our exchange, hahaha it was so funny. They were down on the street waiting for us to answer the door and then we let down a waterfall .. 

sunset and helping a crying little girl find her sisters! so sweet. 

visiting the ZL´s in the hospital ... so sad!! They´ll hopefully get released from the hospital on wednesday! 


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