Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Introducing: Compañera número 9

My daughter was torn from my arms this morning. We hate transfers. 
But POSITIVES -- I´m staying in my area! Everyone at church was like ¨wait, Hna Parks is stillhere?¨ I know, I know, it´s probably time I go soon considering that I walk around with my eyes closed and can do our progress record without using the area book since I have everyone´s address memorized... but anyways. My time with Hermana Kelley was a dream, if I haven´t mentioned it. I was trying to identify why and I realized that it´s because we are the same person. Truly. I´ve never had a companion so similar to me in personality, interests, motivation, humor, etc. They say that each of your companions has attributes of your future husband. If that´s true, then he is going to be no-drama, totally chill, ALL IN when it comes to service and forgetting yourself in the work of the Lord, solid testimony, never complains, and super sarcastic, haha. (And if he can get a noodle through his nose and out his mouth, then he is hermana kelley) hahaha. 

Highlights of the week:

1. CARLOS ESCUDERO¨S BAPTISM. It was so special to be there. As I heard him bear his testimony I had a flashback to Ignacio Merino September 2015 meeting this super genuine family with so many questions about the gospel. I remember that he served us homeade soup after helping them move and talked about his desire to be a good husband and father. The Lord´s hand has, without doubt, led him and his family to true conversion in the proper timing. His 11 year old son, Carlitos was baptized as well. Hermana Lucia still doesn´t feel like she has an answer, but the joy on her face that day makes me think that it won´t be long until she makes the decision as well. 

2. FAMILY HISTORY. The Spirit of Elijah was absolutely tangible this week. We took Francisco and María to the family history center in Miraflores on Saturday and were able to print out 14 names to take to the temple! They´ll be going in December with the ward. It was so funny sitting at the computer with a 74 year old who doesn´t know how to work a keyboard and asking him about all the dates of his extended family members. He´d say ¨hold on, hermana¨ and put his head in his hands for a minute going back in the timeline of his brain then burst out the birth or death dates of some super distant family member. (we´re talking back to the 1800´s) I love that guy. 

3. Karla, a friend of Keller, came to church! And Eric is progressing super well, he doesn´t feel ready for this Saturday for baptism but he´s so solid keeping commitments thus far. 

Loving the work and super excited to work with Hna Rafaelle (from Lima!)
I´m keeping Go Hard or Go Home as my motto.

Hermana Parks
Familia Escudero! Pure joy. Carlos & his son Carlos were baptized. Hermana Lucia was pregnant with that baby when we first met her! Time flies. 

just some one-on-one time with my girl Ashley.

what am I going to do in a world without fruit stands at every corner? (& mostly for the papaya)

moto ride with Hna Janet & Ashley

and me reading/sleeping during our BoM challenge this week. (turns out we underestimated how much time it was actually going to take... sooo we´re extending the challenge to 3 weeks, ha!) 

Reading, reading, reading the Book of Mormon Challenge

6am volleyball crew. The Elders fear our skills. 

Me & Hna Kelley enjoying our last moments in La Primavera. 

also Fiorella who accompanied us! 

Hna Kelley saying goodbye to some of our favorites here in Tacalá -- hermano Francisco and familia Zapata. 

Saying goodbye to Kelley. (this is our we-stayed-up-all-night-packing-and-we-hate-transfers face)

Meet: Hermana Rafaelle!

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