Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 73: the latest from Hnas Parks and Kelley in the #piuravida

Hermana Kelley had to fly to Lima yesterday for immigrations things, so I spent the day with Hermana Lang in Tacalá! Apparently we should proselyte every Monday because we had 7 appointments and found 2 new investigators. I was sore this morning from walking so much. (and since our area is pure sand we get the extra calf workout) Today we´re in Catacaos getting scriptures cases made and looking at paintings! 

Seriously my mind is blank... I don´t even know what happened this week. Oh yeah KELLER´S BAPTISM. It was waaaay better than our last baptismal service, anyone remember that story? This time it was the complete opposite. The entire bishopric was there early, I think 17 people checked the font at 15 minute intervals to make sure the water didn´t magically disappear, and we decided to leave the musical number out :) 

Keller is a stud! Let´s rewind to 4 weeks ago when cute 70 year old hermana Regina gave us the reference of one of her friends from the old persons club (literally they have a club in our neighborhood). His name was Victor and he was definitely not interested -- just like the last 3 references hna Regina had given us... (poor thing loves to give us references but her friends are all ultra-catholic). BUT, while in the house we met Victor´s son, Keller. 
Keller had been recently going through a rough-patch with health problems and losing his job. He had made some changes in his life like stop drinking alcohol. When we came he was eager to learn about the restored gospel. His testimony has grown little by little and now he is so excited to share the gospel with his family and friends! It´s been a joy to teach him. 

Other than that, we worked hard, slept, had leadership council, zone meeting, exchanges with the hermanas in Chulucanas (I was with Hna Signs who is the sweetest! from Colorado), and found new investigators! 

I have this new strategy to get time to stop -- I´m just going to forget I´m going home and immerse myself in the work and then save the freak-out and packing for my last night, sound good? 
Step one for immersion in the work: Hermana Kelley and I are reading the WHOLE Book of Mormon this week. Yep, 75 pages a day. We´re marking all the references of Christ. It´s been weird reading it in English for the first time in a year and a half but WOW I can testify that the Book of Mormon will strengthen our faith in Christ. He is our Savior and Redeemer. Without the BoM I wouldn´t be able to consider him the wonderful friend, counselor, and companion that He is to me.

Hermana Parks
Our cute girls -- Estefani, Anghye, (sisters) and their cousin Sharon. They came to church with her mom Nelida. All are reading the Book of Mormon, 10 year old Sharon is a child genius and always gives us a perfect analisis of her reading :) 

Keller´s baptism!!! 

You can´t really tell but there was this pack of like 17 dogs hanging out in our area .. I was brave enough to get close for a pic, haha

Leadership council! Hermana Ruiz goes home next week! pretty sad... I assured her that I´ll be making a trip to Argentina in the near future. 

Miraflores zone. 

More from Keller´s baptism. 


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