Wednesday, July 13, 2016


 --- that´s what Hermana Rasmussen responded this week when I asked her: ¨Does the joy compensate for the stress of it all?¨ She answered absolutely before I even finished the question. That is missionary work! Maybe I don´t tell you guys in my letters about the stressful moments, rejection, and tough days but it´s because the JOY of the mission completely overrides all of that. Like I can´t even remember what went wrong this week because the blessed moments made up for it all x10000. 

Like BAPTISMS!!! Watching people act on the Savior´s invitation to enter through his door and be baptized is pure joy. Lenin, Sandro, and Jonathan were baptized on Saturday and confirmedSunday! I sent a bunch of pics. It´s so cool for Hermana Martinez and I to reflect on their progress from when we met them to now. And not just those 3 but all the other investigators progressing towards baptism! This transfer has been a dream - especially being companions with Hermana Martinez.
During interviews with President Wednesday he said he´s impressed with how well we´re working together and that he was still thinking/working out transfers...and asked if we wanted to stay together and I said ïf it was up to me, I´d say YES. But we´re willing to be wherever the Lord needs us.¨ -- but I secretly regret saying that last part because my sweet Martini was torn from me!!!!!!!! NOOOO. Transfers are the worst ;) but it´s all good because my new comp, Hermana Dionicio is the best! I already kind of know her from being around her in the mission. She´s from Hna Martine´zs group so she goes home in 2 transfers! AHHH! And she´s from REDDING! Crazy! And she´s a convert! And Spanish was her first language, her parents are from Mexico. She was baptized less than 3 years ago and she is STELLAR. So sweet, really obedient, really diligent. We´re gonna have a great transfer. 

This week I was marveling about the progress of our investigators and decided to play bragging-mom-writing-the-yearly-christmas-card. So here´s the highlights of my sweet ¨kids¨ this transfer: 

Lenin:  Newly baptized, and turned 30 yesterday! 
- Has attended church every week since we met him and has read a chapter from the Book of Mormon every day. 
- We´ve decided that SATAN HAS NO POWER over Lenin -- he has embraced every part of the gospel no questions asked. He wanted to change his life and he has felt that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the place to do it. 

Karolay (18):  In our second visit she had already read the entire Restoration pamphlet, the Introduction and all the testimonies in the BOM and had everything memorized -- even the date the priesthood was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. She´s diligently seeking an answer that this is true.

Sandro y Jonathan:  Got over their fear of drowning (don´t know how to swim) and were baptized!! They are in SECOND NEPHI CHAPTER 4. After teaching them for a month. I think we can all improve in our BOM study -- the 9 year olds are smokin´ us! 

Mark:  Has come to church twice and is eating up the BOM. 1 Nephi 15. He´s sincerely seeking an answer, and he´s gradually learning how the Spirit speaks to us. Previously, he said he´d never gotten an answer from God through prayer, but now he is feeling things he has never felt before!

Julianna y sus hijos:  THE SWEETEST. I´m running out of time, but they are some of my favorites.

As well as Maria de Poma, the CONTACT who came to church with a simple street invitation and took like 5 pages of notes over the Restoration pamphlet we gave her! 

And that concludes a wonderful year -- I mean, transfer -- of my kiddos teaching me about FAITH and exercising it to change their lives. 

Love love love my life right now.

Hermana Parks
lunch after interviews and area book checks, carrying our laundry to our room! Dad you said you wanted pictures of the day-to-day activities :)

Taking some model shots ;)

still stinkin´ swollen....but getting better. 

fav things of hna martinez....street dogs probably carrying diseases and yamboly ice cream :)

she likes vanilla. i like lúcuma. we´re a team.


noche de hogar with hna luzby, lenin, miram, julianna and her kids, and andres y marucsi!! 

just your casual garbage-burning at 6am

NOCHE DE KARAOKE. 60 members and investigators, empanadas, and some cheesy latin songs = success! 

waiting for the baptismal font to be done filling up....after having to clean it during our lunch hour (dead grasshoppers, dust, and all!) in white skirts. the mission life! 

BAPTISMS. Our buddies Lenin, Sandro, y Jonathan!! 

Happy Day!

finding out transfers en la casa de hermana luzby. which ended in a water fight and the elders soaked?? haha no idea. 


The district with Ricardo and Claudio, RM´s who help us out a lot! 


And oh my goodness....we were fed the most disgusting tallarines verdes yesterday...and given MORE to take home for dinner.... I gave mine to a dog. (tallarines verdes are like a really bad version of pesto...and they give you like a mountain of it.)

Julianna and her kids!!! (investigators) They were sooooo sad to hear that Hna Martinez is leaving. 


But on the bright side, I just got ANOTHER amazing companion. Yes, mom. It seems that I will never have stories with a psycho/difficult companion, haha. 

Presenting HERMANA DIONICIO from REDDING CA!!!!! State of Jefferson, unite! (You wouldn´t understand unless you´re from So Oregon or No Cal) 

The zone leaders had the idea that only FOUR pizzas would satisfy their hunger today....oh my goodness haha. Can we get like 6 to-go boxes?? 


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