Monday, July 18, 2016

Rainbow Soccer Club skills (U6 rec division 2002 Chapel Hill, NC) finally pay dividends

Well, Hermana Dionicio and I broke the ice pretty fast this week! On our FIRST day together we were playing soccer in the morning... long story short -- tiny little Hermana Dionicio playing defense, Hermana Parks maybe-slightly-too-aggressively trying to make a goal, goal-post inconveniently in the way, and next thing we know, Hermana D is on her back with her right leg throbbing. AHHHHH! Oh my goodness I felt so bad. She ended up just having this nasty nasty bruise on the outside of her right calf -- but couldn´t walk without pain for a day! So we did divisions and she rested and iced it ... we will not be playing soccer anytime in the near future, haha. Or at least I am not playing. 

Quote of the week:
Me: ¨ I don´t remember the missionaries in my home ward having many baptisms¨
Hermana Dionicio: ¨I WAS the baptism in my home ward.¨ 

hahaha seriously I am so grateful to be with her right now. Convert testimonies = at least 32x more powerful than normal testimonies. 

Our investigators are doing really well! Mark came to church and he is 100% set on his decision to be baptized. It´s crazy.... when we first met with him he told us straight-up he´s firmly Catholic -- in background and beliefs... and now he has totally changed. Some of these people never knew that they´ve been looking for the truth until they find it! 

Julianna, Amarilis, and Orlando didn´t make it to church -- I was heart. broken. They had committed earlier in the week after a powerful lesson on obedience.
OBEDIENCE -- that´s something you definitely gain a testimony of as a missionary. People tell us their problems a lot -- we listen about broken families, financial issues, and physical ailments. But in a good many of those cases, obedience is the answer. The faith to obey. To rely wholly and completely on the Savior, even when we don´t understand a commandment or we think we can get by on our own. 

Anyways, other notable events... leadership council! President asked me to speak on ¨how to have productive mornings¨. Previously, there was this mission attitude that ¨no pasa nada¨ en las mañanas. We decided to change that! I learned a lot from chapter 8 in PME about managing our time. I know that the expectation of our Heavenly Father is that we serve him with all we have, with ALL the time we have. There are people prepared for us, even in the mornings when it seems that all the women in Peru are cooking. It was honestly just a matter of getting more creative, so as a council we made a list of ideas of activities we can do in the mornings to influence our key indicators. 

And we found a new family to teach who are the cutest! We found them while on an assignment to look for references for HUANCABAMBA: Yes, there are 2 Elders there as we speak. (we´re taking the jungle of our mission where missionaries have never been) PRESIDENT I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE! haha, just kidding.

That´s all for this week! Love you guys!
Hermana Parks
the cutest little fam we started teaching this week! 

Andddd... we had an incident this week playing soccer -- tiny hermana dionicio .. hermana parks trying to score a goal .. goal post in the way .. anddd this is the product.

Hermana Dionicio: This is NOT a taco!! (We found the one and only mexican restaurant in piura....but not owned by mexicans?? yeah it was a downer, sorry hna dionicio!) 


Bed rest.... I swear we will never play sports again, haha. 

Hna Dionicio taking some action shots during leadership council... and Hna Martinez saying (during the practices we were doing): ¨Pretend you´re answering my question¨ 

leadership council with some of my favorite hermanas! 

hermana martinez and I had those dresses made from hermana carmelina here in tacalá! 

Happy Birthday Hermana Lang! This is post-zone meeting. I think she already knew the elders were gonna throw eggs from behind, haha. Long live peruvian traditions! 

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