Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tacalá - 4th of July update

I just realized that I´ve been out of the country for 3/4 of the last 4th of July´s! One in Guatemala, and 2 in Perú! We celebrated wearing red, white, and blue to our district soccer early this morning, and we were going to go eat at Papa´s John´s for lunch except it was closed.... of course. FINE I guess we´ll go eat Roky´s chicken and rice like every other day :) 

This week we had Round 2 of Hermana Parks faceplanting!! And this time I managed to sprain my ankle and get a nasty scab on my knee, woo hoo! And it wasn´t even in our mission soccer tournament.. On Tuesday we were jogging to the church per the usual and there´s this dirt canal that we have to cross (why do they even have canals here if there´s no water in them??) And there was a rock or something as I was running down and the next thing I knew, I was DOWN, face in the sand, left knee bleeding, right foot throbbing. Ï was praying please please please don´t let it be sprained or bad or anything...I didn´t move for like 30 seconds and meanwhile Hna Martinez was freaking out, haha. The worst part was that I had been holding the keys and obviously lost them in the sand/pile of dried leaves! The Elders had called us in the meantime wondering where we were and when Hna Martinez explained the situation our oh-so-wise zone leader Elder Poelman said ¨Pray and it´ll be fine.¨ ha, well we prayed and we found the keys!! And miraculously I was able to walk it off! We borrowed some alcohol from a member to clean off my knee and I played goalie for the morning :) Unfortunately my ankle swelled up like a golf ball during studies and for the next couple days....but it´s way better now! I´ve been able to walk fine, it just hurts a little to twist it. Thank youuu Heavenly Father for protecting me :)

Holy moly we didn´t have time to breathe this week, I didn´t see my companion for basically 3 days! On Thursday I went to Talara with Diana to see Eda´s baptism!!! It was SO AMAZING. So special seeing everyone again and getting to see Eda take the step she´s been preparing for since we found her in April! 

On Friday I went to Tambo Grande on an exchange with Hermana Thomas! She´s so sweet. We were born on the same day, and both did ballet, so that´s cool :) This was the first time Tambo Grande has seen 2 gringas at one time and it was pretty obvious by their facial expressions, haha! Their area is a lot different, we had a productive day and were given like a years worth of maracuyá! #blessings 

On Saturday we did divisions! The members of Tacalá are KILLING it accompanying us. Seriously. We´ve formed this new system of pulling aside all the members between classes and after church Sundays scheduling when they can accompany us, to the point where they come up to US saying ¨hermanas when can I accompany you??¨ hold on now, one at a time :) love this ward!! 

Have I mentioned my comp and I are best friends?? Most hilarious, capable, organized, ON TOP OF IT always, spiritual, and diligent companion I´ve had. An example of her spirituality... I heard her praying OUT LOUD in her sleep the other night, a full-on prayer including blessing her cousin that he´ll have a good birthday...?? hahaha she had zero memory of it. I love my Hermana Martinez!!!! 

THIS CANNOT BE THE LAST WEEK OF THE TRANSFER. But it is... I can´t even believe how fast it went by. This week we set a lot more baptismal dates, had 2 new investigators attend church for the first time, and we´ve officially decided that Lenin is the EASIEST investigator to ever grace the earth. He and Sandro will be baptized this week! 

No se olviden to read the Book of Mormon every day!

Hasta luego,
Hermana Parks
Long live the USA!--soccer with our red, white, & blue. photo creds: the only non-American in the district, haha. 

our house! classy, right? :) we live on the 4th floor.

street life in Peru.....live goats hanging off the back of a moto..... and a truck filled with a for-sure illegal amount of onions or something. 

reunited in talara with hermanita ruiz for mama eda´s baptism! 

Almuerzo con familia viera! Arroz con pollo y papas a la huancaina ... with obligatory aceituna (purple olive) and slice of boiled egg. 

That time I had an exchange with Hna Thomas in Tambo Grande and an investigator gave us like 20 lbs of maracuyá! Haha, it looks like fish eggs, right? 

another shot of tambo grande, and poor elder arrington had a birthday....so he was taped to a chair and annihilated with eggs and flour. cruel peru traditions...

SO FUN seeing my talara family again!! 

MAMA EDA WAS BAPTIZED!!!! I love her so much. 

traveling to Diana with my comp for the day...Diana our recent convert! And passing by the barren desert of piura that is strangely similar to the drive from oregon to utah :)

LA COPA last week! My sweet ¨mom¨ Hna Orellana goes home next week!!! WHAT IS LIFE!! Ahhh, fun to catch up a bit before it´s goodbye  :( 

helping our sweet hna Janet cook, tallarines con pollo y tequeños ( I think that´s how it´s spelled) con guacamole! We love our pensionista! 

I don´t know if you can tell, but we pelted Elder Orr with eggs on his birthday last week after district meeting, and he was NOT happy about it....

and we decided to take a timer pic of us praying ... shots of the small moments :) 

Noche de hogar with some jovenes :) mostly less actives and investigators! 

And lunch before our exchange with las hermanas de Chulucanas 2 weeks ago, I stayed in our area with Hna Llontop, she´s from Trujillo! 

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